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Tridea is an ongoing creative project that I worked on with designer Lisa Winstanley. It is an online platform designed to promote and encourage global creative collaboration. With that said, a vibrant and youthful theme pops up in our minds thus producing designs and visual narratives as such. Additionally, the Tridea book provides all the information and details of the design work generated for this project.

Spearheading the digital initiatives and assisting with the creative direction of the project, I produced graphic designs behind Tridea's social media content, including the motion graphics. I also had fun art-directing Tridea's photoshoot for its book launch as well as assisting in creating Tridea's merch.


As part of the Tridea project, I designed sticker stamps for one of Tridea's merch. Following the youthful theme that the creative project stands for, soft edges and bright colours from the brand guidelines were kept in mind when creating the stickers and their characters.


Here are some of the stickers I have created!

Tridea Sticker Merch With Border 1.png

In the process of creating Tridea, I helped with designing the pages of the books such as typography placements and colour-graded images as well as liaising with the web developer for the site launch.


I also had the privilege to art-direct photoshoots for Tridea! I thoroughly enjoyed the process of developing a shot list and doing the art direction behind it. From adjusting lightings and books at angles, choosing the right props to use for the photoshoot, to switching coloured papers and book pages appropriate for every shot, here are some photos from the shoot! 

Hero Shot 2.jpg

Below are some of the typography animations I have created for Tridea, inspired by kinetic typography animations and using the brand's colours and typeface as well. By doing so, it follows the brand guidelines of having it be bright and bold, simple and youthful hence producing the boppy-bouncy and swift animations. They are created for Tridea's social media posts.

Overall I enjoyed designing and project-managing this! I do recommend you take part in Tridea whenever you feel like purging your creative juices :)

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