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INUMER - What's On Your Mind?

'INUMER - what’s on your mind?' is a take-home game version of an initial exhibition idea. It is to educate people about the human mind and why it makes us especially human. There are different tiers of questions on the cards to motivate players to also connect with one another on a deeper level by stirring discussions and conversations.


This game is meant for adults. The older we get, the more we would want to do some soul-digging and be open to dive deeper into our identity as human beings. It aims to do just that through given facts of the mind and through meaningful conversations with one another. The reason behind the vivid colours used is to show that even though the mind is a complex matter to understand, it is not necessarily dull. The pattern created is abstract as it is meant to be playful and with the added prismatic colours, it serves as a fun way to explore the mind through a game. Hence, brightening up the atmosphere when people play it!

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