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Bunga - NZ's Music Spring Festival App

During my time studying visual communications abroad in New Zealand, I was tasked to work on a prototype application for upcoming music festivals held in numerous venues in NZ. Bunga, as I have named it, stands for 'flower' in my native language - relating to the theme of Spring. This application thus assists users by providing them with important information regarding the festivals in one place, such as the upcoming music lineups and festivals held nearby them.

This work was showcased at the University of Waikato, New Zealand and awarded with 'Good Design' Certificate Grade A.

BUNGA - 2_edited.jpg
BUNGA - 3 copy-01.png

🔍  After logging in, the screen displays a variety of artist lineup on the first 2 days of the festival week. This also includes essential information such as the location of the event and the dates the musicians will be performing. The next screen displays more information about the artist lineup on the entire week itself for users who are interested.

A dark background affects the user emotionally, it highlights other colours and sets the mood. In this way, bright photos of musicians and festivals stand out here.

The trick of the app is a quick way to get acquainted with information about various festivals and buy a ticket.

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