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Beneath The Heartstrings

‘Beneath The Heartstrings’ is a research-based design project about highly sensitive people (HSP). The title is derived from the fact that deep within every mankind there’s an innate ability to be sensitive. However, only about 15-20% of the human population are highly sensitive. They are born with Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP), a personality tied to high sensory-processing sensitivity (SPS) trait.


Due to this unique trait, they often undergo different experiences as compared to others who are in the same scenario and hence, get misunderstood very easily. Thus, ‘Beneath The Heartstrings’ is a project that sheds light on the trait in hopes that people will be more understanding of HSPs (highly sensitive people) by letting them experience what HSPs experience. Done through illustrations to dive deep into HSPs inner world, experimental motion work to showcase a part of what we experience internally in abstract form, and a toolkit filled with educational cards to help individuals understand HSP better.

Beneath The Heartstrings was exhibited in Gillman Barracks, Singapore and was invited to showcase in the Global Graduation Show 2021 in Dubai.

Details of exterior
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Attention to detail: 

1) Beneath The Heartstrings Illustrative Book:

The illustrative book has an embroidered front cover of my hand-drawn tree branches that looks like veins/strings (relating back to the 'heartstrings'). This is created for enhanced tactility. HSPs have their senses heightened in different ways, and sometimes it is through 'touch'. Thus by doing this, it taps on one of their heightened senses.

2) Beneath The Heartstrings Toolkit:

I chose a wooden box as my toolkit as it reflects rawness (as well as providing the tactile effect), parallel to the rawness of human's senses and emotions. I went to laser-cut it as well according to my tree branches illustration, to further enhance the tactility effect and follow the theme of my work.

3) Beneath The Heartstrings Cards:

Debossed with silver and lightning blue metallic foil, the packaging of these cards are well-crafted to capture the attention of the players, inviting them to get curious about the educational cards and begin playing with their family, friends, etc.

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